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FMAT Schools

Fulston Manor School

Over the past thirty years Fulston Manor has established itself as a school with an outstanding record of success across a vast range of activities. With academic results consistently above those for other comparable schools, sporting and cultural achievements that encompass activities from local to international dimensions, a proud record of quality pastoral care. We have good reason to reflect with pride upon past performance. As one of the first new Outstanding Academies in the country, Fulston Manor continues to be at the forefront of all that is best in education.

Headteacher:  Mr A.G. Brookes


South Avenue Primary School

At South Avenue we believe in developing the whole child – their social skills, independence, skills to learn and adapt, problem solving and valuing sports and music skills as well as academic ability.  We have a wellbeing team who work alongside the teaching team, ensuring that we can meet the holistic needs of each child.  We believe in working in collaboration with our parents so that we can provide the best opportunities for all children.

Our aim is to ensure that all our children are ready for the next stage in their education, with strong learning skills and problem solving abilities so they can tackle the challenges ahead with selfconfidence, persistence and the necessary academic knowledge and skills. 

Headteacher:  Mrs D Browning